Guided Tour Bilbao (on foot)

Two and a half hour guided tour of the origins of Bilbao, its history and the new area of Abandoibarra, visiting the city’s most characteristic monuments.

During the walk the guide will explain the most emblematic buildings in the city (Guggenheim Museum City Council, Arriaga Theatre, El Arenal…). In the Old Town, the Plaza Nueva square and the Cathedral (outside) will be visited.

After the tour we will eat “pintxos”. One of the curiosities of the Basque cuisine, miniature dishes served on the most bars.


Conference Dinner at Yandiola- Azkuna Zentroa

Azkuna Zentroa is a Society and Contemporary Culture Centre in Bilbao with a local and international perspective that is open to dialogue with different community groups. Az is a place to participate in culture as a practice, a process and a space for experiences.

Yandiola Group manages the Azkuna Zentroa restaurants and cafeterias, offering a meeting and resting space within a relaxed cosy environment. Some of the awards and distinctions are:

  • Vice Champion of Spain in the 3rd certamen of high cuisine for young chefs in 1996
  • Prize Pil-Pil for the best cod plate in 2003
  • National award for the best cod in 2004
  • Gold medal for the best restaurant in Bilbao in 2004
  • First place at the Alcorta-Martín Berasategi award in Bizkaia and Vice Champion at the National award in 2007
  • Prize Best Of Wine Tourism 2011 in the restaurants category
  • Prize Ipar Kutxa for professionalism in making Txakoli from Bizkaia (2nd edition)