DCIS started in 1981 as a national conference named « Jornadas de Diseño Lógico », celebrated in Barcelona. It was a biannual event in which a small group of enthusiastic pioneers of the microelectronics in Spain made great efforts in order to activate the scientific community willing to receive support from the public institutions. It is worth to mention that part of the benefits that we receive today in terms of technology support and human capital are due to the great dissemination and education labors carried out by DCIS.

Four events after its start (1983, Barcelona; 1985, Madrid; 1987, Barcelona; 1989, Huelva), the name of the workshop was changed to Conference on Design of Integrated Circuits (from its spanish “Congreso de Diseño de Circuitos Integrados”, adopting the acronym DCIS), remaining annually till the present days. For successive years (1991, Santander; 1992, Toledo; 1993, Malaga; 1994, Gran Canaria; 1995, Zaragoza), the number of submitted papers was continuously increased.

The next milestone occurred in 1996, when this national conference evolved into international, mainly because of the interest and participation of research groups located abroad, adopting its present name of Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, DCIS. Since then, the international conference has been organized in different European cities.


2018 Lyon
2017 Barcelona
2016 Granada
2015 Estoril
2014 Madrid
2013 San Sebastián
2012 Avignon
2011 Albufeira
2010 Lanzarote
2009 Zaragoza
2008 Grenoble
2007 Sevilla
2006 Barcelona
2005 Lisboa
2004 Bordeaux
2003 Ciudad Real
2002 Santander
2001 Porto
2000 Montpellier